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Tenfourbird is unofficial build of Mozilla Thunderbird for PowerPC based Mac OS X.

Tenfourbird uses changesets of TenFourFox.

Latest version is 38.8.0.


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2016-02-12 19:43
Review by Rebel450

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great implementation of the current version of Thunderbird for the PPC; thanks to the dev's :-* highly appreciated
everything - also the plugins/addons - works like a charm
scared, that the dev's will become tired to continue one day :-˙

2016-01-26 14:02
Review by Fire_Angel

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An easy to use and stable email client. Ever since I first tested it it has been my main method of collecting email, and if my provider didn't make it necessary to log in to the web mail gateway at intervals I would only use Tenfourbird.
Easy to set up filtering to separate work and personal email. Uncluttered user interface. Takes Thunderbird add-ons. Stable, I can't remember it crashing in years.
None that I am aware of in the current version.

2015-08-22 02:24
Review by Dave

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I couldn't live without Tenfourbird!
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