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This program allows you to recover data from some corrupt Excel XLSX format spreadsheets or worksheets that Excel 2002 - 2013 refuse to open or recover. It allows you to convert that data to CSV files for re-import into new Excel files.

This program works as a rudimentary viewer and editor of corrupt and healthy XLSX format files without needing Excel installed. With it you can view how Excel slightly skews its stored raw data in the background which is then transformed and rounded off for display in the program.

Version 2.0 adds a zip repair pre-treatment. It also adds an "Alternatives" menu which provides links to other free and freeware resources for Excel recovery as well as commercial solutions.

See my S2 Recovery Tools for Microsoft Excel and Savvy Office Recovery projects here on Sourceforge. If successful, those programs can recovers formatting as well data whereas Corrupt XLSX Salvager only recovers data.

Formerly known as Corrupt XLSX2CSV and Corrupt Excel2CSV.

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